Team to assess sexual assault recommendations

Team to assess sexual assault recommendations

By Communications Staff

July 15, 2015


An implementation team has started reviewing and prioritizing the recommendations made by the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Working Group (SAPRWG) in a recently released report. The team had its first meeting on July 13.  

“I am very pleased that the implementation team has been formed, and look forward to hearing its thoughts on how we can move forward with the recommendations in a co-ordinated and timely fashion,” says Principal Daniel Woolf. “I thank once again everyone involved in this process for their efforts to date.” 

The implementation team is responsible for exercising oversight of, and setting priorities and timelines for, implementing the report’s recommendations. More specifically, the team  will: 

  • Determine resource requirements related to each of the recommendations  
  • Assess the budgetary and/or organizational impacts of any new initiatives 
  • Ensure the university is compliant with all government regulations 
  • Evaluate priorities and set realistic timelines for implementation 

“The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Working Group made several recommendations in its comprehensive report that the university has been able to begin implementing already, but others require more analysis and consideration with respect to both resources and timelines,” says Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) Alan Harrison.  

The team’s members are: 

  • Chair – Alan Harrison, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)  
  • Ann Tierney, Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs 
  • Arig al Shaibah, Assistant Dean, Student Life and Learning 
  • Lon Knox, University Secretary  
  • Irѐne Bujara, University Advisor on Equity and Human Rights (or delegate) 
  • Claire Gummo, Assistant Director of the Sexual Health Resource Centre (student)
  • Kim Murphy, Director, Office of the Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration)
  • Harry Smith, University Ombudsman
  • Secretary – Alexis Vienneau, Associate Director, Office of the Provost

The implementation team will work in consultation with the SAPRWG and its policy sub-committee. 

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