Terrace of dreams

Terrace of dreams

February 18, 2015


The Stauffer Terrace is currently snow-covered and closed to the public, but that shouldn’t stop members of the university community from dreaming of what the space could look like in the future.

[Stauffer Terrace exterior shot]
The Queen's University Library is holding several consultation sessions in March to gather ideas for the future of the Stauffer Terrace, the outdoor space on the second floor of the library overlooking Union Street.

The Queen’s University Library is holding four sessions in early March where community members can share their suggestions for the redevelopment of the outdoor space on the second floor of the library overlooking Union Street adjacent to the Alan G. Green Fireplace Reading Room.

“An intriguing aspect of the Library and Archives Master Plan was the recommendation to convert unused or underused areas into study, social and event spaces,” says Martha Whitehead, Vice-Provost and University Librarian. “Many people have undoubtedly looked at the Stauffer Terrace and imagined reading or studying in the open air. We want to capture as many of those ideas as possible as we embark on this redevelopment project.”

The sessions in March will allow participants to brainstorm freely about possibilities for the unique space on campus.

“The project is in its very early stages with scope and timeline still to be determined,” Ms. Whitehead says. “The upcoming sessions will open a dialogue with staff, faculty, students and other stakeholders that will continue throughout the process.”

The sessions will take place March 4 from 2-3 pm and 3-4 pm as well as March 6 from 10-11 am and 11 am-noon in the Alan G. Green Fireplace Reading Room. Participants are asked to register online