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    Tool to ease research admin burden

    A new tool promises to save work for faculty, librarians and archivists, giving them more time to advance knowledge and support research activities at Queen’s.

    “As part of the ongoing effort to strengthen Queen’s research prominence, we aim to provide faculty members, librarians and archivists with flexible and up-to-date tools that meet their needs,” says Karina McInnis, Executive Director, University Research Services. “Based on feedback from the research community, we are implementing Faculty 180 in order to reduce the time and effort currently spent on administrative tasks such as producing and updating Canadian Common CVs and annual reports.”

    Faculty 180 is part of a multi-year project to modernize the university’s research administration tools. Faculty 180 offers faculty members, librarians and archivists an easy-to-use tool for collecting and reporting on their accomplishments and activities related to research, teaching and service.

    “Accomplishments and activities only need to be entered once into Faculty 180,” says Ms. McInnis, adding that the system integrates with several databases including PubMed and Web of Science. “Once the information is in the repository, faculty members, librarians and archivists can produce and update documents such as their Canadian Common CV and annual reports quicker and easier than currently possible. Furthermore, the system is secure, and users can choose when and with whom they share their information.”

    The project team is working with many early adopters to test and customize the tool for Queen’s. Training materials and sessions will be available in September before Faculty 180 is made to available to all users later this fall.

    Rosemary Wilson, an assistant professor in the School of Nursing, has tried out the new system. The ability to import information directly from the Canadian Common CV into Faculty 180 was one of the most useful features, Dr. Wilson notes.

    “The import function copied across all my CV elements accurately and made the process of getting started with my profile much easier,” she says. “Once I had all my publications and grants entered, I was able to include my colleagues who were collaborators, effectively populating their Faculty 180 profile with the citation.”

    If you have questions or concerns, email Ms. McInnis or call ext. 33108. Visit the Faculty 180 webpage to learn more about the tool and view an explanatory video.