At the top of the class

At the top of the class

A Nobel Prize, the new Dan School, a Rembrandt, and $50-million to the Smith School of Business. An exceptional year. Just one of 175. 

June 20, 2016


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As summer approaches, high school students from across Canada are deciding where they will pursue post-secondary studies. For many students, their choice will be based on where they will receive the best education and career opportunities. Others will be drawn by the chance to take part in innovative and exciting research opportunities with faculty members who are at the leading edges of their fields.

As one of Canada’s oldest degree-granting institutions, Queen’s has – for 175 years – offered students excellence in undergraduate studies, innovative graduate programs, and a supportive and dynamic learning environment.

From envisioning and designing cutting-edge technology to unlocking the mysteries of the universe, Queen’s is at the forefront of providing a top research and educational experience for students from across the country and around the globe.

This past year saw a number of unprecedented successes for Queen’s:

Dr. Arthur McDonald received the Nobel Prize for unlocking the mysteries of neutrinos.

Stephen J.R. Smith’s generous donation to the Smith School of Business helped transform business education.

The donation of a third Rembrandt painting by Alfred and Isabel Bader solidified Queen’s as a destination for the study of European art.

The naming of the Dan School of Drama and Music bolstered Queen’s reputation as a pre-eminent centre for the study of music theatre.

Learn more about how Queen’s promotes excellence in both the classroom and the laboratory: Pairing world-class facilities with talent and funding in The Globe and Mail.


It’s no surprise that our students are inspired to achieve their fullest potential at Queen’s.

Queen’s first-year undergraduate retention and graduation rates are among the highest in the country, as 94.3 per cent of first-year undergraduates remain at Queen’s for their studies.

Most importantly, when students graduate, they enter the job market with the skills employers look for and are able to start their careers on the right track.

With 175th anniversary celebrations beginning this fall, Queen’s will keep the momentum of the past year going, and build upon the university’s position as one of Canada’s premier educational institutions. The university encourages faculty and students to strive to achieve their best and aims to continually cultivate an environment that nurtures curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

By building on past successes, Queen’s will continue to provide top-quality education for students, while retaining our place as one of Canada’s leading research-intensive universities.

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