University celebrates outstanding staff

University celebrates outstanding staff

By Communications Staff

December 8, 2015


The Queen’s community gathered together at the Principal’s Holiday Reception on Dec. 8 to recognize and celebrate staff contributions over the past year.

Caroline Davis, Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration), offered remarks on behalf of Principal Daniel Woolf, who is in Sweden for the presentation of the Nobel medal to Professor Emeritus Art McDonald. She also presented Queen’s Special Recognition for Staff Awards to eight deserving individuals. This year’s winners are:

Kathy Baer, undergraduate assistant and departmental secretary in the Department of Gender Studies. She is first point of contact for most faculty, teaching fellows, assistants and students. She has played an integral role in planning and managing the growth of the undergraduate program through tracking and analysis of course enrolments. As a friend and mentor, she regularly goes beyond what is expected. She balances the nitty-gritty detail of administrative work with compassionate care for countless current and prospective students, as well as supporting the instructors who teach them.

Principal’s Holiday Reception round-up
Attendees of the Principal’s Holiday Reception donated a large bin of food and nearly $140 for the AMS Food Bank.

Retiree Eleanor Beach (Dean of Women Studies) won the draw for the gingerbread house that was donated by Sodexo.

Kimberley Bell, services coordinator in the W.D. Jordan Special Collections and Music Library. She has served in a number of different positions since joining Queen’s Library in 1988, embracing every new role along the way by enrolling in additional courses and expanding her knowledge. Her commitment to public service in general and individual patrons in particular is unmatched. She always goes the extra distance to learn about and locate information. She also likes to make the workplace fun. She is the key organizer of the Library’s longstanding spelling bee.

Andy Hooper, manager of technology development in ITS. He has worked at Queen’s for 34 years, playing a central role in the introduction of new information technology and other core services to the Queen’s community. His modest, quiet and unassuming nature belies his accomplishments in leading the design and engineering of the Queen’s campus network. His deep institutional knowledge and sage advice is valued both inside and outside the university. His dedication to the university, along with his innovative and analytical approach to problem solving, have made him a go-to source across the institution.

Agathe Nicholson, administrative assistant in the Department of French Studies. Ms. Nicholson brings the same discipline, drive and dedication to the workplace as she does to her passion for running. The speed at which she accepts increasingly challenging responsibilities has helped to make her the most knowledgeable, approachable and resourceful person in the department. She played a key role in the department’s transition to the new budget model. Ms. Nicholson is generous with her time outside the office – finding warm clothing, food and other winter items for international students.

Carol Noel, departmental assistant in the Department of Biology.  Over the past 30 years, she has developed a deserving reputation as the go-to person in the department. Her attitude and cheerful energy makes her stand apart.  As financial administrator, her approach centres on the importance of people. Without her care, many faculty members would not be able to negotiate the minefield of operational budgets and the complexities of hiring staff. Ms. Noel remains optimistic and friendly in the face of different challenges, and is always willing to accept new challenges and last-minute requests.

Tice Post, departmental technician in the Department of Biology. His title does not do justice to the exceptional and creative contributions he has made to the department since his arrival in 1971. A combination of inventor, designer and carpenter, Mr. Post has an exceptional ability to take an idea and bring it to life. His experience and practical talents are prodigious; he is able to make anything out of almost nothing, and in half the time anyone else could promise – and always with a smile.

Kathy Reed, research ethics coordinator for the Health Sciences and Affiliated Hospitals Research Ethics Board. She has worked at Queen’s since 1976 and in her current position for nearly 25 years. Ms. Reed is always happy to go the extra mile to work with researchers and staff to ensure that they understand the research ethics process. She embraces the changing work environment and its many challenges. She has a wealth of institutional knowledge and appreciation of evolving regulations and how they impact the research ethics process.

Françoise Sauriol, nuclear magnetic resonance manager in the Department of Chemistry. Easily approachable, an excellent teacher and mentor, Ms. Sauriol is more of a collaborator than a technical staff member. She has trained more than 700 users on NMR instruments in the facility, which is the most critical and commonly used in the department. She keeps current on the latest software and development in NMR technologies. Many graduate students and faculty members have benefited from her exceptional efforts in helping to solve difficult research problems.