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University Council election period open until June 15 at 9 am ET

Queen’s alumni are invited to elect 10 new representatives to the University Council.

An online vote for the 10 four-year term (2021-2025) positions is being conducted now and will close on June 15 at 9 am ET.

The election is open to alumni only. All alumni should have received an email with voting instructions. Any alumni who have not received this email and are interested in voting can contact the University Secretariat at univsec@queensu.ca to request a ballot.

Biographical sketches of the candidate can be viewed online at the University Secretariat and Legal Counsel website.

The nominees are:

  • Moez Ali
  • Pamela Anoliefo
  • Nirosha Balakumar
  • Saad Bashir
  • Gage Benyon
  • Elena Christopoulos
  • Cameron Clark
  • Gregory Dole
  • Alex Elbrecht
  • Leo Erlikhman
  • Greg Frankson
  • Matt Gaiser
  • Sara Gelgor
  • Jeremy Gooden
  • Nicholas Grubic
  • Andrew Handford
  • Frank Handforth
  • Jason Hann
  • Myke Healy
  • Daniel Heath
  • Rosemary Helmer
  • Willa Henry
  • Daria Adèle Juüdi-Hope
  • Aram Daniel Kerkonian
  • Sandra Kwon
  • Brad Leonard
  • Luz Longsworth
  • Varun Malhotra
  • Cathy Matthews
  • Ellen Mary Mills (nee Novakowski)
  • Michael Parsche
  • Tka Pinnock
  • Noor Rahemtulla
  • Cameron Raymond
  • Saara Romu
  • George Rossolatos
  • Ahsan Sadiq
  • Steve Scholte
  • Keith Siva
  • Christopher Sullivan
  • Danny Szpiro
  • Tim Tang
  • Jenkin Tsang
  • David Walker
  • Hilary Windrem
  • Jon Wiseman

Established by statute in 1874, University Council serves as both an advisory and an ambassadorial body to the University as a whole and is responsible for the election of the Chancellor.  Although it is not directly involved in governance, the Council may bring to the Senate or Board of Trustees any matter that it believes affects Queen's well-being and prosperity. 

For more information visit the University Council webpage. Questions can be directed to the University Secretariat by email.