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An (un)titled exhibition

  • Leigha Stiles, student co-chair of the Bachelor of Fine Arts graduating show (Un)titled.
    Leigha Stiles, student co-chair of the Bachelor of Fine Arts graduating show (Un)titled, created wearable sculptures for her exhibition (un)wavering.
  • Alyssa Dantes, (un)censored
    Alyssa Dantes, (un)censored
  • Carrie Emblem, (un)bounded
    Carrie Emblem, (un)bounded
  • Jordan Thompson, (un)alien
    Jordan Thompson, (un)alien
  • Victoria Kim, (un)bearable
    Victoria Kim, (un)bearable
  • Eliane Findley, (un)breakable
    Eliane Findley, (un)breakable

Ontario Hall is filled with the artwork of the Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) program graduating class, transforming the stalwart century-old building into an art gallery for a week.

A total of 19 graduating students have staged their pieces throughout the building for (un)titled., with each having their own exhibition space. The pieces range from large canvas paintings to small sculptures to multimedia installations filling an entire room.

For the artists it is an opportunity to stage their own exhibition, bringing together the experiences they have gathered over their years at Queen’s, says Leigha Stiles one of the student co-chairs of the event.

“There’s a sense of pride in our program and what we’ve accomplished this year, and for all four years I have been here,” she says, standing amongst her wearable sculptures. “It’s very exciting but also sad in a way since (our time at Queen’s and in the program) is ending.”

Each student's exhibition displays a research-based body of work that they have devoted an entire academic year to, points out Alejandro Arauz, Lecturer and exhibition liaison for the BFA program.

“If you look at the individual works there is an interesting array of relevant, present and past issues that are elaborated upon through visual art,” he says, adding that he is impressed by the students’ overall efforts in coming together to prepare for the show as well as the high standard in their individual practices. “The works that they make contribute to various discourses and human understanding. It’s like a thesis paper except here it’s a visual thesis contribution.”

Further information and images of the artwork are available at the exhibition website.

More information about the program is available at the Fine Art (Visual Art) Program website.