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Working towards a new job evaluation system

Queen’s is committed to implementing a new system for job evaluation that meets the needs of today’s workforce, current legislation and human resources best practices.

“Our current system has been in place since the early 1990s and was in need of modernization in order to better reflect our changing work environment,” says Al Orth, Associate Vice-Principal (Human Resources).  “In 2007, a working group was formed with university-wide staff representation and significant work was done on the development of a new job evaluation system.  This process was suspended with the onset of the United Steelworkers organizing drive.”  

A letter of understanding (LOU) regarding job evaluation was part of the first collective agreement between Queen’s University and USW Local 2010, who represent approximately 1,150 Queen’s staff.  A joint job evaluation committee (JJEC) was formed for the purpose of investigating, evaluating and making recommendations on a new job evaluation system.  The JJEC is comprised of equal representation from USW Local 2010 and the Human Resources department.  Queen’s also recently hired Ann Macdonald, Manager, Job Evaluation, to facilitate the work of the JJEC.

“Above all, we will continue our commitment of being compliant with Ontario’s Pay Equity Act with a new system that reflects the broad range of work performed at Queen’s and is well understood by all stakeholders,” says Laurie Gee, Director, Total Compensation, and co-chair of the JJEC.

The parties are currently in the process of addressing the implications of the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act that governs and prescribes the request for proposal process (RFP), which would be necessary to source a new system. The RFP process, which must be fair, transparent and competitive, is administered by the university’s Office of Strategic Procurement Services.

The university continues to work with USW representatives to fulfill the mandate of the LOU.