World Link celebrates diversity at Queen’s

World Link celebrates diversity at Queen’s

By Candice Pinto, Intern - Division of Student Affairs

October 4, 2017


'World Link Participants'
The World Link program is helping international students at Queen's  make an easier transition through workshops and social activities on and off campus. Front, from left: Mofiyinfoluwa Badmos, Qihui Chen, Julie Yaqi Hao, Lucie Ma, Sarah Sinaga, Jing Wang. Back, from left: Isabella Asselstine, Elaine Sandness, Hanna Stanbury. (Communications Staff) 

It can be tough adjusting to a new campus, community and country all at once, but that is the reality for many international students.

The World Link program aims to ease what can be a significant transition, with workshops and social activities on and off campus; it also works to create a sense of belonging among all participants.

Facilitated by the Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC), in partnership with Student Wellness Services, the Student Experience Office, and the Human Rights Office, the semester-long transition program will be offered in the fall and winter terms. It connects students with other transition programs, including Q Success, and has been enhanced to focus on the appreciation of diverse cultures, intercultural communication skills and competencies, resiliency, and the links between academic and personal success. All events are co-led by students.

Julie Yaqi Hao is in her second year of a Master of Education degree. She is an international student from China who is volunteering with World Link because she says peer support can play a significant role in helping new students adjust.

“I first had to conquer my fear of the unknown and re-establish my confidence,” she says. “Then I created my social network. I received support from the QUIC and the World Link program, which is so inclusive. People respect each other. Other students can feel our passion and learn our personal stories. This is the most powerful influence to help new students move forward.”

World Link invites undergraduate, graduate and exchange students in all years and programs, both international and domestic, to participate.

Jing Wang is a teacher candidate in the concurrent education program. She grew up in Toronto, went to high school in Shanghai, and spent a semester on exchange in Germany. This is her second year volunteering with World Link.

“Many international students experience cultural shock and homesickness, and talking with other students can help,” she says. “We really want Canadian students to come to World Link, because they can support their peers’ transition, and they get to make friends with people with really interesting backgrounds! This kind of program really brings our community together.”

Promoting intercultural dialogue is a theme that runs through all World Link activities.

“We are very excited to offer more opportunities for students to get together and talk about their cultures, their experiences, and their goals,” says Mofiyinfoluwa Badmos, QUIC International Programs Assistant. “We have designed the program this year to provide more opportunities for discussion and skill development that will promote an inclusive campus environment.”

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