Adriana Guatame-Garcia, PhD

Adriana Guatamegarcia

Supervisor Dr. Bas Vriens
Office Miller Hall 304
Phone 613 484 7955


About Dr. Guatame-Garcia

I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Geo-environmental Engineering group. My research utilizes mineralogy and geochemistry to understand the mineral dynamics of mine waste deposits. The aim of my research is to develop quantitative mineral diagnostics that help establishing forward-thinking in mine waste management and make the mining sector more environmentally sustainable.

Research Interests/Current Research

My current research focuses on the mineral dynamics of waste rocks. My research aims to study mineralogical weathering processes across various scales, waste rock types, and geochemical conditions. Using a combination of instrumented kinetic tests, advanced geochemical effluent analyses, and multiscale quantitative mineralogy, I will produce the quantitative data required to define and compare mineral reactivity and heterogeneity across storage conditions and waste-rock types.

I am also interested in assessing the opportunities for revalorizing mine waste sites by recovering secondary and residual ores, mainly targeting the minerals critical for the energy transition.

Professional Associations

  • European Association of Geochemistry – EAG
  • European Geosciences Union – EGU


Year Award

Dutch Research Council (NWO) Rubicon fellowship

Grant awarded to conduct postdoctoral research at Queen’s University (2021-2023)


Queen’s Postdoctoral fund

Grant awarded to conduct postdoctoral research at Queen’s University (2021-2022)


Eramet Best Young Scientist Challenge in Extractive Metallurgy

Awarded in recognition of the scientific ambition and industrial interest of the Ph.D. research conducted at the Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands)