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Prospective Students Queen's Geology

Whether you are a high school student, a transferring student, an international student or a returning student, you will find all the information you need to apply to Queen’s Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering programs here.

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Considering studies in Geological Sciences or Geological Engineering?

Geoscientists and geological engineers interpret the natural world. They bring methods such as geophysics, geochemistry, geobiology and field geology together to understand the modern and ancient Earth. Clues concealed in rocks and minerals, fluids and fossils, mountains and sediments, glaciers and volcanoes are marshaled to understand and explain the Earth system at all scales. Managing water, mineral and energy resources, designing sustainable strategies for infrastructure and industrial growth, and coping with natural and anthropogenic hazards facing increasing global populations, including climate change, all depend on a deep understanding of natural processes.

Our science and engineering graduates study the Earth in this context, with careers in diverse fields including, but not limited to, research, mineral and oil exploration, mining and hydrocarbon extraction, policy analysis, surface and underground construction, environment assessment, protection and rehabilitation, as well as all facets of resource management. The programs offered by this department focus on the whole planet and global processes as a dynamic and integrated system.

The department offers degree programs within both the Faculty of Arts and Science as well as a fully accredited engineering degree program within the faculty of Applied Science. If you are a student applying to first year, with an interest in geology, you should consult both calendars and select the program which best suits your needs. If you are already in the 1st year Arts & Science or Engineering programs, you should consult the appropriate calendar to discover and evaluate the number of options that exist within each stream for specialization and program specifics.

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