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Geological Sciences

Graduation Checklists

A complete listing of Core courses and electives required to complete a Bachelor of Science (BSc) can be found on the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar.

Geological degrees obtainable through the Faculty of Arts & Science

Degree Type Code Program Plan
Minor (Arts) GEOL-Y BA Geology
General (Arts) GEOL-G-BA BA Geology
Major GEOL-M-BSc BSc (Hons) Geology
Specialisation GEOL-P-BSc BSc (Hons) Geology
Specialisation EGEO-P BSc (Hons) Environmental Geology
Minor (Science) GEOL-Z BSc Geology

General (Science)

GEOL-G-BSc BSc Geology

Geoscientists Canada

Information about registering as a professional geoscientist (P.Geo) can be found on the Geoscientists Canada website.

Geoscientists Canada

Geological Engineering

Graduation Checklists

Please see the FEAS calendar for your graduation checklist.

You can also download an audit sheet for your graduation year.


A complete listing of Core courses and electives required to complete a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSCE) can be found on the Faculty of Engineering & Applied Sciences Calendar.

Professional Engineers Ontario

Information about registering as a professional engineer (P.Eng) can be found on the Professional Engineers website.

Professional Engineers Ontario

Information about registering as a professional geoscientist (P.Geo) can be found on the Geoscientists Canada website.

Geoscientists Canada

Field Trip Fees/Equipment

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Field Trip Fees

The cost of field trip fees, including transportation, accommodation and food (when it is supplied), will be borne by the student.

Subsidies are provided by the Department as funding permits. We are very appreciative of the support provided by many companies and alumni for our Field Education program. This funding helps to reduce the field trip fees to below cost, for all students. Find out more about the Geological Field Studies Fund.

A list of the estimated field trip fees for each course is provided below. These fees are subject to change, and will be finalized by August 1 each year. Field trip fees will be payable by the due dates listed in the table.

Course Cost for Trip Due
GEOL 221/3.0
GEOE 221/4.0
$75.00 Due Fall, Week 3
GEOL 300/3.0
GEOE 300/5.0
GEOL 301/1.5
GEOE 301
$500 TBD
GEOL 321/3.0
GEOE 321/4.0
GEOL 337/3.0
GEOE 337/4.0
$35 Monday, September 20
GEOL 368/3.0
GEOE 368/4.5
$35 Monday, September 20
GEOL 401/1.5
GEOE 401
$500 TBD
GEOL 419/3.0
GEOE 419/4.0

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants are an essential part of the teaching team in the Department, providing a crucial personal link between the Professor and the students.

With the instructor's assistance, Teaching Assistants prepare and lead the labs and/or tutorials, and grade student work. Because of their close contact with the students, Teaching Assistants play an important role in helping students learn the material, and commonly serve as mentors and career advisors. Without Teaching Assistants, the educational experience of our students would not be as rewarding as it is.

To recognize the best of our Teaching Assistants, various individual and corporate donors have created a significant number of Teaching Assistant Awards. These awards, which are given on the basis of nominations by students and faculty, carry no additional monetary value for the student so honoured. However, the funding supplied by the donors to this program, is an essential contribution to the Department's ability to maintain good quality teaching in our laboratories and field schools, and is gratefully acknowledged. However, receipt of one of these awards is recognition of outstanding performance as a Teaching Assistant, and can be used on CVs and applications for scholarships and/or graduate school as an indication of communication and interpersonal skills.

Senior undergraduate students can apply to be a Teaching Assistant in our introductory courses. Students who are interested in applying for a Teaching Assistant position should complete an online application form. To view more information on courses, download the PDF below. Please contact Laboratory Coordinator, Anne Sherman, for more information.

Find more information about TAships.

GARNET - Geo-Alumni Resource Network

How It Works

After a brief introductory meeting with the coordinator of the GARNET program, you will be matched up with a Queen’s Geo-Alumni who has similar interests as you, if possible. Your mentor will be available to interact with you (via email, skype, etc.) once a month to answer any questions you may have. We ask that you respect the time of the mentor and make sure to have some good questions to ask. If they do not get a chance to respond to all of them, please respect their time and save your questions for the next conversation, which you are responsible for setting up with the mentor.

Guest Speaker Series

Within the Garnet program, there will be a Speaker Series featuring visiting speaker talks and seminars.

For more information, contact Larke Zarichny.

Miller Club

Miller Club is the undergraduate departmental student council for Queen's University Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering!

We are made up of a small group of elected executives and a dedicated group of students from all years of the undergraduate program. We are all volunteers and work together to put together some amazing events for the students, staff and faculty of the department.

We meet weekly throughout the year to plan social and academic events for the department. Our annual staples on the event calendar include a welcome back BBQ in the first week of school, our Halloween Party, Holiday Gronch (Semi-formal), St. Patrick's Day Breakfast and Spring Gronch. We have two clothing sales through the year as well, selling funny geology clothing during the fall semester and department clothing during the winter! We also have been proud to offer a Queen's Geology Calendar featuring photos students & professors from the department for 3 years now.

We are also involved in numerous levels of academic planning and are the voice of the undergraduate students!

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