Dr. Daniel Layton-Matthews

Dr. Daniel Layton-MatthewsDaniel Layton-Matthews

Office: Miller 229
Phone: 613-533-6338
Email: dlayton@queensu.ca

Research Interests/Current Research

My current research goals involve three key aspects of ancient and modern ore systems:

  1. chemical indicators of mineralization in sedimentary rocks from ore systems,
  2. post-depositional chemical modification of sulfide, silicate and oxide minerals, and the chemical and physical dispersion of these minerals as indicators of mineralization in ore systems, and
  3. the development of tools and concepts to aid in the discovery and understanding of formation and redistribution of ore deposits.

A portion of my current research, and that of my research group, is to document the background and anomalous trace element compositions and isotopic ratios of sulfide, silicate and oxide minerals within sedimentary rocks in hydrothermal ore systems.  As part of this research we are also examining the modification of trace element contents and isotopic ratios in these minerals during post-depositional processes. We hope to gain insight into the hydrothermal modification of trace element and isotopic compositions of sulfide minerals within altered sediments, and the redistribution and addition of trace elements in minerals during metamorphic recrystallization as an aid in identification of productive (i.e., hydrothermal/metamorphic remobilized) sedimentary source horizons.

Supervising Information

  • Mike Gadd (PhD)
  • William Carlson (MSc)
  • Stacie Jones (MSc)
  • Nick Joyce (MSc)
  • Jessica Pickett (MSc)
  • Scott Robinson (MSc)
  • Vijay Singh (MSc)

Professional Associations

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