Dr. Georgia Fotopoulos

Dr. Georgia FotopoulosPhD, PEng.

Office  Bruce Wing 526

(613) 533-6639

Email georgia.fotopoulos@queensu.ca

Professor Georgia Fotopoulos is a Geomatics Engineer by training and joined Queen's University in 2013. She received her Master's with a specialization in Positioning and Navigation and a PhD with a specialization in Gravity Field and Geodynamics from the University of Calgary. She has worked as a faculty member at the University of Toronto (Civil Engineering) and the University of Texas at Dallas (Geosciences). She is on the Editorial Board of three international peer-reviewed journals and co-authored a book on 'Geoid Determination: Theory and Applications'.

Research Interests/Current Research

Dr. Fotopoulos’ research focuses on physical and satellite geodesy, merging multi-platform geodetic data, positioning/navigation, height systems, and surveying.
Find out more: "Geodesy at Queen's University - Where Fundamental Surveying Principles are Entrenched in Advanced Research Projects" (see pages 30-32).

Stephanie at St. Paul's Church collecting GPR data Stephanie in the field at St.Paul's Church collecting GPR data in order to help determine the location of Molly Brant's grave

Shaza at the Brockville Railway Tunnel using an unmanned ground vehicle
Shaza collecting positiong and navigation data using an unmanned ground vehicle in the Brockville Railway Tunnel.

Mitchell using survey equipment Mitchell during a marine magnetometry survey of Lake Ontario.

Our Echoboat surveying in Lake Opinicon.

Danielle night sampling
Danielle night sampling of spring peeper frogs at the Queen's University Biological Station.

Rebecca scanning a rock with 3D desktop laser scanner
Rebecca scanning a rock with a 3D desktop laser scanner from the Captain Alan Innes-Taylor collection.

Fouad working on the Canadian Digital Geological Database
Fouad working on the Canadian Digital Geological Database.

Drew in the field
Drew conducting a magnetic survey in British Columbia.

Callum collecting terrestrial magnetic data near Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Rebecca and Alex in High Performance Computing Geophysics Lab
Rebecca and Alex in the High Performance Computing Geophysics Laboratory.

Control Network for the Terrestrial Laser Scanning Control Network for the Terrestrial Laser Scanning of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Dallas, Texas (created by PhD students: Dimitris and Graham)

Callum collecting terrestrial magnetic dataCallum collecting terrestrial magnetic data in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia 

Fouad with real-time 3D handheld scanning of outcropReal-time 3D Handheld Scanning of Outcrop (Fouad)

Geomatica coverSpecial Issue of Geomatica on Geodesy (cover: G. Fotopoulos)

Landscape photoIn the field: Ruinaulta, Switzerland

Landscape photo of Lagoa do Fogo

In the field: Lagoa do Fogo, Sao Miguel, Azores

Geodetic Survey of Canada BenchmarkGeodetic Survey of Canada Benchmark

Group photo of Geodesy and Geophysics Research Lab GroupGeodesy and Geophysics Research Lab Group

Dallas ShowcaseEarth Day Dallas Showcase

3D DallasEarth Day Dallas and ASCE Collaboration

List of Current and Former Graduate Students Co/Supervised

Student Program Thesis

Netsai Wiboonwipa

PhD (in progress)  

Stephanie Bringeland

PhD (In progress)  

Danielle Beaulne

PhD (in progress) Geosensing the Laurentian Great Lakes

Benjamin Saadia

MASc (2022) Characterization and Classification of Ambient Seismic Noise in Urban Environments
Andrew Branson MASc (2021)

Chromite Exploration and Deformation Monitoring through PSInSAR

Callum Walter

PhD (2021) UAV-borne Aeromagnetic Surveying for Target Characterization in Mineral Exploration
Fouad Faraj

MASc (2021)

Object detection and patter of life analysis from remotely piloted aircraft system acquired full motion video
Shaza Ismail Kaoud Abdelaziz MASc (2020)

Vision-aided inertial system for near-real-time positioning and navigation of unmanned ground survey vehicles in GNSS-denied environments

Mitchell Wootton MASc (2020)

Autonomous Magnetic and Bathymetic Surveying for Canadian Lakes

Malcolm MacDougall

MASc (2019) Impact of Long- and Short-Term Geodynamic Processes on Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in the Grand Banks

Rebecca Hudson

MASc (2018) Assessing the Contributions of Remote Sensing Data in Geological Site Investigations
Oliva Charlebois MSc (2018)

Calibration of Sentinel-3 altimetry observations over the Great Lakes

Danielle Beaulne MSc (2018)

The importance of geospatial inputs in assessing fine-scale landscape genetic patterns of a temperate treefrog

Katie Irwin MASc (2017)

Surface water classification and monitoring using polarimetric synthetic aperture radar

Alexander Harvey

MASc (2016)

Multi-scale visualization and interpretation of geological relationships

Erica Peterson PhD (2017)

A concept for maritime monitoring onboard formation-flying microstatellites

Athina Peidou MASc (2016)

Modeling the impact of large-scale solid mass transfers on the gravity field

Judith Elliott

MSc (2016)

On the feasibility of time-lapse superconducting gravimetry for reservoir monitoring

Dimitrios Bolkas PhD (2015)

On the estimation of uncertainties and fusion of multi-platform geodetic data

Graham Mills

PhD (2015)

Numerical tools for interpreting rock surface roughness

Lauren Ramsey 
(University of Texas at Dallas)

MSc (2012)

Supervised classification and change detection of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Hope Sepela
(University of Texas at Dallas)

MSc (2012)

The use of terrestrial LiDAR for stratigraphic modeling to illustrate digital outcrop models

Eric Morrow
(University of Toronto)

MSc (2009)

GRACE-derived terrestrial water storage and evapotranspiration in the Mackenzie River Basin

Brian Hsueh
(University of Toronto)

MSc (2009)

Simulation and compensation of ionospheric phase scintillation noise in spotlight SAR data

Carina Raizner
(Universitat Stuttgart)

MSc (2009)

A regional analysis of GNSS-levelling

Erica Peterson
(University of Toronto)

MASc (2008)

Applications and orbit scenarios for a multistatic InSAR formation flying microsatellite mission

Supervising Information

Undergraduate and graduate students interested in joining the Geophysics & Geodesy Research Group are welcome to contact me directly.

Professional Associations

  • Registered Professional Engineer with Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)
  • American Geophysical Union
  • Canadian Geophysical Union
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • International Association of Geodesy


  • Loránd Eötvös Award
  • Undergraduate Research Scholar Award (Advisor), The University of Texas at Dallas
  • Teaching Award - Civil Engineering - University of Toronto
  • Alberta Ingenuity Post Doctoral Fellowship


  • GEOE/L 359: Applied Quantitative Analysis in Geological Engineering
  • GEOE/L 345: Site Investigation and Geological Engineering Design
  • GEOE/L 817: Presenting Science
  • GEOE/L 884: Satellite Positioning
  • Select topics in numerical modelling, geodesy and data analysis offered on demand.

Select Publications

Please see Google Scholar for a list of publications.

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