On May 1st, the GEOL 301 and GEOL 401 field trips departed from Miller Hall, the first time the courses have run in more than 2 years.

The five-day field trips focused on the sedimentological response to the changing tectonic environment during the Ordovician Taconic Orogeny.

The two trips spent the first three days together, visiting outcrops from eastern Ontario through the St. Lawrence Lowlands into the Québec City area before separating. GEOL 301 continued north to look at deep-water turbiditic deposits on the Gaspé Peninsula before returning to Kingston. GEOL 401 ventured south to explore the ophiolitic nappe exposed near Thetford Mines. Along the way students saw a wide range of siliciclastic, carbonate, and volcanic rocks as well as a variety of spectacularly preserved outcrop-scale structural and stratigraphic features.

The trips enjoyed mostly beautiful weather and represented a great capstone for many of the GEOL 401 students, for whom the trip was their final course at Queen’s!

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