Graduate Spotlight: Alison Martin

Alison Martin, Grad student spotlight

"Studying geology these past five years at Queen’s has been a life changing experience for me. The world is a truly amazing place and it is a privilege to get to study it the way I have."


Renfrew, Ontario

Graduate Research Focus:

The primary topic of my thesis is – “Timing and source of melt generation during orogenesis and metamorphic core complex exhumation, NW Nepal Himalaya.” I got to explore the Nepal Himalaya for six weeks and while I was there, I spent part of my time mapping an area that had never been mapped before! Since returning home from Nepal two years ago, I have been doing various analyses on my samples that help me discover all I can from the rocks I brought home from my field area.

Why I chose to do graduate studies:

Graduate studies was an easy choice for me! I love field work, and exploring geologic wonders, but I also love problem solving and self-directed school. Graduate studies was the perfect way for me to combine so many of my interests, and it is a decision I am so happy I made!

Why Queen’s?:

I chose to stay at Queen’s for grad school because I fell in love with the Geological Sciences and Engineering Department when I transferred into geology in my undergrad. I love the close knit community that I found here at Queen’s. The people in this department have challenged me to grow as a student and it has been a joy getting to know so many of the students and faculty.

What do you like to do in your spare time?:

In my spare time I love to be outside with my friends, family, and church family. Hiking and running are some of my favourite past times!

What’s next for you?:

My dream is to land somewhere I can continue to do both field and office work. One of my main takeaways from my experience in grad school is how cool it is to get to collect your own samples and then work with them to solve a problem. I hope my future career allows me to continue to do this.

Alison in the field