Graduate Spotlight: Mariem Tahra Ahmed Labeid

Mariem Tahra Ahmed Labeid in the field

Hometown: Zouerate, Mauritania

Graduate Research Focus:

The main objective of my research is the investigation of the impact of water saturation on the mechanical response of low porosity crystalline rocks and the implications for tunneling. This research is part of the on-going site selection for the high level nuclear waste deep geological repository by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization of Canada (NWMO).

Why Queen’s?:  

I first came to Queen’s University as an undergraduate student, sponsored by Société Nationale Industrielle et Minière de Mauritanie (SNIM) to do a bachelor of applied sciences in geological engineering. This program has a good reputation in my country, especially within SNIM. Therefore, to be honest, I did not make the decision of coming to Queen’s myself, but I am glad someone else did it for me. Thanks SNIM!

After starting my 2nd year, I became attached to the program and to the department. My interest in this program was triggered by the variety of subjects and the amazing professors who are not only knowledgeable and passionate about their fields, but also dedicated to give the best to their students. More importantly, the sense of family and community within the department, its friendly atmosphere, and the amazing staff are one of the strongest reasons why I chose to stay here. I am glad I discovered this amazing place!

Why I chose to do graduate studies:

After completing my Bachelor degree, I felt there is much more to learn, and I still feel the same today. So, graduate studies was the answer! Being interested in several fields of geological engineering, rock mechanics was the best choice as it combines geology, physics, hydrogeology, structural geology, geochemistry, etc. I love this field, and I love doing research and finding answers to unanswered questions. I guess Dr. Diederichs’s passion for rock mechanics and research is contagious! I am lucky to have him as a supervisor.

What do you do in your spare time?:

In my spare time, I like to socialize with friends and family, read poetry, meet new people, learn about different cultures, learn new languages and volunteer at few non-profit organizations.

What’s next for you?:

I would like to get some work experience before starting my Ph.D.

Mariem Tahra Ahmed Labeid at Queen's University and in the field