Graduate Spotlight: Netsai Wiboonwipa

Netsai Wiboonwipa"Studying Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering is a journey of discovery and impact, offering endless opportunities to explore and appreciate our planet. It's never too late to contribute to our Earth, even if you're starting from a different field. Through your studies, you'll uncover the stories hidden in each natural process and structure and have the chance to shape the future of our planet. Embrace the challenges, cherish the discoveries, and inspire others to join in safeguarding our Earth for generations to come."

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand

Graduate Research Focus:

My research focuses on improving water level monitoring in the Mekong River basin, crucial for millions in Southeast Asia including Thailand, my home country. It aims to address the limitations of traditional monitoring by integrating satellite remote sensing with in-situ measurements for a comprehensive analysis. The study has three main objectives: first, to monitor and analyze water level fluctuations to aid sustainable development and disaster management; second, to distinguish between natural and anthropogenic influences on water level changes; and third, to design an observing system using data from heterogeneous satellites for continuous, high-resolution monitoring, enhancing spatial and temporal data resolution while considering cost-effectiveness. This approach aims to provide actionable insights for water resource management, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), particularly those related to clean water and climate action, to support the region's sustainable development and resilience to climate change.

Netsai WiboonwipaWhy I chose to do graduate studies:

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated by the Earth – its mysteries, its quirks and its sheer awesomeness. I'm on a mission to uncover the secrets of our planet and maybe even make a little bit of history along the way! But it's not just about satisfying my curiosity – it's also about giving back. I believe we all share a responsibility to care for this beautiful planet we call home, which is why I'm determined to tackle environmental challenges both globally and in my hometown by pursuing graduate studies.

Why Queen’s?:

Queen's University and Kingston both felt like the right fit for me. The campus at Queen's has a cozy vibe, and Kingston's friendly community made me feel at ease. I was also impressed by Queen's commitment to sustainability, something I care about deeply. And the opportunity to work in “Geodesy and Geophysics” research group that shares my goals, alongside scholars known for their exceptional research work, was a compelling factor.

What do you like to do in your spare time?:

In my free time, I love getting outdoors when the Canadian weather agrees, soaking up the sun and enjoying nature. When I'm indoors, you'll often find me in the kitchen, cooking up a storm or trying out new baking recipes. I also love diving into a good sci-fi novel, and of course, music is a big part of my downtime - I enjoy kicking back at home with some good tunes. And every now and then, I'll get sucked into building a LEGO set, which can easily keep me entertained all night!

What’s next for you?:

Looking ahead, there are several exciting paths for me to consider. One option is to continue delving into academic research, exploring the intersection of aerospace and geological sciences to address environmental challenges further. I'm also keen on collaborating with organizations focused on environmental conservation and sustainable development, leveraging my skills and expertise to make a meaningful impact.  I'm also interested in exploring opportunities for teaching, mentoring, or engaging in public outreach efforts to share my knowledge and inspire others to work towards a more sustainable future.

Netsai Wiboonwipa