Marina Seraine

Marina SerainePhD Geological Sciences


Thesis Topic

Secular changes in sedimentary geochemistry across the Archean–Proterozoic (2.5-2.2 Ga) boundary

Supervisor Dr. Christopher Spencer

Research Interests

Tectonics, Basin Evolution, Sedimentary, Geochemistry, Fieldwork and Precambrian

About Marina

Marina Seraine is a Brazilian geologist with an MSc from the University of Brasília, Brazil. During her Master’s studies she investigated a Mesoproterozoic Group in the central portion of Brazi by using geochrology (U-Pb in detrital zircon). She is conducting her PhD at Queen’s University and her research aims to constrain secular changes in sedimentary geochemistry across the Archean–Proterozoic boundary in samples from South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Russia, and Australia.


  • Scholarship - Scientific Initiation project (PIBIC) – Funded by Foundation for Research Support of the Federal District (FAP-DF, Brazil). (2015 – 2016)
  • Scholarship - Master’s by Research in the University of Brasília – Funded by CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development, Brazil) – (2017 – 2019)
  • Honourable Mention at the 22º UnB Scientific Initiation Congress/ 13º Federal District Scientific Initiation event. (2016).
  • On The Future GSA: Partial travel Award to 2021 Annual Meeting (2021)


  • Seraine, M., Campos, J. E. G., Martins-Ferreira, M. A. C., Giorgioni, M., & Angelo, T. V. (2020). Tectonic significance of abrupt immature sedimentation in a shallow cratonic margin basin: The Arkose Level, Mesoproterozoic Paranoá Group. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 97, 102397.
  • Angelo, T. V., Egydio-Silva, M., Temporim, F. A., & Seraine, M. (2020). Midcrust deformation regime variations across the Neoproterozoic Araçuaí hot orogen (SE Brazil): Insights from structural and magnetic fabric analyses. Journal of Structural Geology, 134 104007.  
  • Martins-Ferreira, M. C., Dias, A. N. C., Chemale Jr, F., Campos, J. E. G., Seraine, M., & Rodrigues, E. N. (2020). Multi-stage crustal accretion by magmatic flare-up and quiescence intervals in the western margin of the São Francisco Craton: U-Pb-Hf and geochemical constraints from the Almas Terrane. Gondwana Research.

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