Nima Saberi

Nima SaberiPhD Environmental Geochemistry and Engineering

Supervisor Dr. Bas Vriens


Research Interests

  • Mine waste management
  • Removal of contaminants from soil/sediments/waste/ground and surface water
  • Recovery of precious contaminants
  • Environmental impacts of contaminants on ecosystem and measures to lessen them
  • Fate and transport of contaminants in the environment and their related biogeochemical reactions
  • Managing/reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emission in the environment

About Nima  

Nima Saberi completed his BSc in “Civil Engineering” from Azad University, Iran, and his first MSc in “Environmental Engineering” from Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran. His thesis aimed to investigate the remediation of polluted soil contaminated with organic and inorganic pollutants, by enhanced Electrokinetic method. He completed his second MSc in “Hydroinformatics and Water Management” as an Erasmus scholar in Europe and has been awarded a joint degree issued by several European universities. He carried out his thesis as a professional training at Deltares, an institute for applied research in the field of water and subsurface, in the Netherlands. In this work he concentrated on evaluation of the use of geological structures for energy storage and studied underground hydrogen storage, methane leakage from working and abandoned energy wells and its environmental impacts.

Currently, he is pursuing his PhD studies at Geo-Environmental group at Queen’s University under supervision of Dr. Bas Vriens, focusing on the environmental impacts of mine wastes.


  • Graduate Research Fellowship, Queen's University, 2021-2025
  • Carl Reinhardt Fellowship, Queen's University, Geological Science and Engineering Department, 2021-2025
  • Erasmus Mundus Full Scholarship, European Union, 2018-2020



  • Mojtaba Ostovar, Alireza Ghasemi, Farhad Karimi, Nima Saberi & Bas Vriens (2023) Assessment of EDTA-enhanced electrokinetic removal of metal(loid)s from phosphate mine tailings, Separation Science and Technology, 58:3, 613-625, DOI: 10.1080/01496395.2022.2141650
  • Nima Saberi, Bas Vriens, Sample Preparation Biases in Automated Quantitative Mineralogical Analysis of Mine Wastes, Microscopy and Microanalysis, 2022;, ozac006,
  • Mojtaba Ostovar, Nima Saberi & Reza Ghiassi (2022) Selenium contamination in water; analytical and removal methods: a comprehensive review, Separation Science and Technology, 57:15, 2500-2520, DOI: 10.1080/01496395.2022.2074861
  • Saberi, N., Aghababaei, M., Ostovar, M., & Mehrnahad, H. (2018). Simultaneous removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and heavy metals from an artificial clayey soil by enhanced electrokinetic method. Journal of environmental management217, 897-905,


  • Vriens, B., Guatame-Garcia, A., Saberi, N., Ali, J.D. and Caceres, M.S., 2022, July. Expanding our knowledge base to support sustainable mine waste management. In 2022 Goldschmidt Conference. GOLDSCHMIDT.
  • Saberi, N., Mohammadi, S. & Saeedi, M., (2015). Risk simulation of leakage and explosion of ethanolamine reservoir in South Pars Gas Field. Tehran, Iran. 1st National Sustainable Development Conference of Energy, Water and Environment Engineering Systems.

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