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GeoEng Grads Awarded First Prize at CGS Student Competition

Congratulations to Gary Cui, Jessica Galavan, Duncan Leung, and Matt Lloyd. These four GeoEng grads were awarded first prize by the Canadian Geotechnical Society for their design entry in the Undergraduate Student Report (Group) Competition.

The Undergraduate Student Report, Group Submission Award recognizes the best report prepared by one or more undergraduate students in an accredited engineering program or a geoscience program in a Canadian University.

The report submitted by the students, titled "Holmestrand Underground Rail Cavern", concerns the design and modeling of the excavation and supports of a massive underground rail tunnel under very difficult geological and hydrogeological conditions.  This report was done for the fourth year design capstone courses, GEOE 446 and 447, and the project was supervised by Dr. Mark Diederichs.

The official award presentation ceremony will take place in Montreal this fall during the annual Canadian Geotechnical Society conference.
Jessica Galavan, Matt Lloyd, Gary Cui and Duncan Leung (left to right)