Team Terradeus

Congratulations to students on Team Terradeus, who have been selected as finalists for the PDAC Next Generation Explorers Award (NGEA™)! 

Students on the team include, Sharlotte Mkhonto, Collette Pilsworth, Timothy Packulak, McLean Trott, Robiah Al Wardah, Benjamin Saadia, Neeraj Nainwal, Allie Surrette, and Alutsyah Luthfian (The University of Auckland, New Zealand). The team is being supervised by Dr. Matthew Leybourne, with assigned mentor Ria Tinnion (Independent Consultant, Geophysicist), and external advisors Khumo Leseane (Monash University), James Kidder​ (Geological Survey of Canada), and Rob Bowell (SRK Consultant). 

The team will be one of six finalists that will present virtually at the PDAC 2022 Convention. The first session will feature each finalist team presenting their submission, while the second session will feature Q&A with teams and the live results broadcast.

This year’s competition features a grand prize of CAN$5000 for the team with the highest judges’ score, and three CAN$3000 prizes for the teams with the highest scores in Innovation, Data Integration, and Impact & Exploration Significance.

More information about the award competition can be found on the PDAC website

Congratulations and good luck, Team Terradeus!

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