Undergraduate Spotlight: Luke McAllister

 Luke McAllister undergraduate student spotlight

"So far, integration into the geology department this year has been amazing. I’ve loved nearly all moments so far, and each day I’m reminded that I made the right choice in the program I chose. Queen’s is an incredible university, and the geology department is the most exceptional!"

Hometown: Steinbach, Manitoba

Program: Geological engineering

Current year: 2nd

Why I chose Geology:

First year geology course was very interesting to me. Geology is a science I hadn’t previously studied at much depth, but it appeared to influence a lot of the decisions we have made as humans, are currently making, and will continue to make in everything that we do. There are also a wide array of job opportunities in geology, and I also like how hands on the program is.

Student involvement/extracurricular activities I am involved with:

I ran as a candidate for the Libertarian Party of Canada in the October federal election, I’m involved in the leadership of a Christian club called Power to Change, and I am the leader of a monthly church worship ministry called Praise & Power.

 Luke McAllister in the field The professor(s) or course which has influenced me the most so far:

APSC 151, John Hanes. Opened my eyes to the fascinating science that geology is, and the implications for the human race as a whole.

Most memorable Queen’s experience so far:

Faculty frosh week! It was a blast, and set the foundation for the community that Queen’s eng is.

After I graduate, I:

Want to work in geotechnical engineering, or potentially go to med school, if my grades are good enough and I get accepted.

One big goal I’d like to accomplish during my lifetime:

Discover something new and ground-breaking that helps many people and shifts the way the average person lives their life and/or thinks.