Undergraduate Spotlight: Meghan Zulian


Hometown: Barrie, Ontario

Program: Geological Sciences

Current Year: 4

Why I chose Geology: I want to look at and characterize climate change in the oceans through time and space, and Geology lends itself well to that. I also love how down to earth people are, no pun intended.

Student involvement/extracurricular activities I am involved with:

Queen’s Conference on Ocean Sustainability, Queen’s Kenya Help

Queen’s Helping Haiti, Queen’s Yoga Club

The professor(s) or course which has influenced me the most so far:

Meghan Zulian with Dr. Kurt Kyser in the fieldHonestly all the professors I’ve had in this department have had a profound effect on me, and all for very different reasons. Oceanography, Paleontology, Carbonates and Isotopes were my favourite courses.

Most memorable Queen’s experience so far:

Doing student research in Zambia and going on the Bermuda Field School.

After I graduate, I:

Am definitely not going to “find myself” in Thailand.

One big goal I’d like to accomplish during my lifetime:

Live my life in away that is sustainable internally and externally. And maybe learn how to rollerblade.