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Eric Crouse

I treasure my memories at Queen's University (1993-1996). It was a blessing to have wonderful professors: George Rawlyk, Klaus Hansen, Marguerite Van Die, and Sandra den Otter. I am professor of History and Global Studies at Tyndale University (2003-). 

My seven books are Margaret Thatcher’s Case against Democratic Socialism and Keynesian Economics: Markets, Monetarism, and British Politics in the 1970s (Lexington Books, 2021); America’s Failing Economy and the Rise of Ronald Reagan (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018); American Christian Support for Israel: Standing with the Chosen People, 1948-1975 (Lexington Books, 2015); The Cross and Reaganomics: Conservative Christians Defending Ronald Reagan (Lexington Books, 2013); An American Stand: Senator Margaret Chase Smith and the Communist Menace, 1948-1972 (Lexington Books, 2010); Dear Senator Smith: Small-town Maine Writes to Senator Margaret Chase Smith about the Vietnam War, 1967-1971 (Lexington Books, 2008); and Revival in the City: The Impact of American Evangelists in Canada, 1884-1914 (McGill-Queen's University Press, 2005). My present book-project is Economic Misfortune: Why Washington Politicians Prolonged the Great Depression. 

Department of History, Queen's University

49 Bader Lane, Watson Hall 212
Kingston ON K7L 3N6




Queen's University is situated on traditional Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe territory.