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Podcasts and Digital Media

Image showing the title Child and Youth MarriageStarts With Youth Social Media Awareness Campaign

Prishni Seyone, Starts With Youth

Building on her HIST 515 Independent Research Paper funded by the Prendergast-Rivard Studentship Award, Prishni Seyone has officially launched the social media awareness campaign of her organization, Starts With Youth. Starts With Youth aims to raise awareness and build educational resources related to childhood trauma and its intergenerational and revictimization effects. The social media campaign will run from May 10th to May 29th, bringing awareness about child marriage and it's global history while creating a space for survivors and allies. View the campaign on InstagramFacebook, and LinkedIn, @startswyouth. This initiative is supported by the 2021-2022 Pathy Foundation Scholarship. Visit the news story for more details on Starts With Youth and Prishni's research.

Cuban Serenade PodcastImage of the podcast title: Cuban Serenade

Karen Dubinsky, Freddy Monasterio 

A podcast series exploring the History of Cuban Music in Canada with Freddy Monasterio and Karen Dubinsky.

Image of a globe with the title "Policing and the Border"Policing and the Border Podcast

Max Hamon

As part of the Buchanan post-doctoral research and with the support of the Nugent Fund, Max Hamon has created a new podcast based upon a series of interviews with the authors of recent books on the history of policing in Canada, the United States and the border between. It provides some historical perspective on a topic which has much contemporary interest in academic circles and for the broader public. 

Visit the news story for details on the podcast. 

Guerrilla History Podcast Image of the title: Guerrilla History

Adnan Husain, Henry Hakamaki, Breht O'Shea

Guerrilla History is a podcast that acts as a reconnaissance report of global history for the activist left. It aims to use history as a resource not only to analyze the present but to aid the struggle to change the future. Your hosts are Professor Adnan Husain-historian and Director of the School of Religion at Queen's University, immunobiologist Henry Hakamaki, and Revolutionary Left Radio's Breht O'Shea. We hope that the discussion will be useful to you, and if you have any questions or guest/topic suggestions, email them to us at Thanks to Ryan Hakamaki, who designed and created the podcast's artwork, and Kevin MacLeod, who creates royalty-free music.

Image of the title: The MajlisThe Majlis Podcast

Muslim Societies, Global Perspectives, Adnan Husain

The Majlis is a podcast by Muslim Societies Global Perspectives (MSGP) at Queen's University. Majlis is the Arabic word for an assembly, a gathering for the sessions of learned scholars, philosophers, and thinkers brought together to discuss and debate. Our podcast intends to accomplish the same purpose of bringing together experts, scholars, and cultural producers for discussion and conversation about the histories, politics, religions and cultures of the Middle East, Islamic World and Muslim diasporas globally.

The Watson BlogImage of the History DSC Logo

History Department Student Council

Members of the Queen's University History Department Student Council have worked hard to create an inclusive and diverse DSC, and therefore we have decided to open up our blog to student submissions. We hope that The Watson becomes a space in which History students can celebrate their interests with passion and enthusiasm, where we can connect with each other in a new way. 

Student submissions can be emailed to

Image of the Podcast title: Deliberations on DiasporaDeliberations on Diaspora

Heena Mistry, HIST 404 Students

A podcast created by Queen’s University students and organized by Heena Mistry for the course HIST 404: Themes in Diaspora History.

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