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Graduate Students

  • 20th Century Canadian History
  • Migration History
  • History of Gender and Sexuality
  • Subjectivity Theory
  • Oral History
  • Canadian History: Immigration, External Relations, Political and Legal History
  • Global and Transnational Histories and comparative studies
  • Law and Justice
  • Indigenous Studies and First Nations History
Department of History

Canadian Military History
Political History 

Department of History
  • Modern China
  • Overseas Chinese
  • East Asian Studies
Shannyn Bald

Kievan Rus’ and Muscovite social and religious history

Department of History
  • Global History
  • Atlantic World
  • British World
  • Colonial North America
  • Material Culture
Department of History
  • Early Modern Europe
  • The Atlantic World
  • Cross-Cultural Encounters
  • Intellectual History
Department of History

Indigenous Histories; Oceanic Histories; Empire and Dispossession; Ecology; Tudor-Stuart England & Ireland; The Renaissance & Legacies of Antiquity; Machiavellianism; The Political Thought of Corporations

Department of History
  • Early North America
  • Global and Imperial History
  • Legal History
  • History of Cartography
  • Environmental History
Department of History

Collective memory; Spatial history; Public memory; Political theory

  • Canadian History
  • International History
  • History of Science and Technology
Michaela Cardo
Department of History

Dress history; Material culture; British history

Brookelnn Cooper
Department of History

Early Modern Europe; Dutch Golden Age studies; global history; book history; material history; cartography


  • Women’s History
  • Gender History
  • Upper Canadian History
  • British World History
Department of History
  • Colonial History
  • Capitalism and Business History
  • Newfoundland & Atlantic Canadian History

Byzantium, medieval Christianity; the Crusades and military religious orders; heresy and heterodoxy

  • History of Colonial North America
  • Intellectual History of Nova Scotia
  • British Atlantic World
Department of History
  • History of Post-Confederation Canada
  • 20th Century United States
  • Race and Space
  • Women's History
  • Postwar American History
  • Popular Music Criticism
  • New Left Political Movements
  • Radical Feminism
  • American Youth Culture
Department of History
  • Early Modern Europe
  • Social History
  • Gender Studies 
Department of History

Early North America; Visual culture; Map making 

Teaching Fellow
  • Canadian History
  • North American Cultural Networks
  • Mass Culture Industries + Popular Culture
  • Nationalism + Transnationalism
  • Gender and Family in the 20th Century
  • French Colonial History
  • Indigenous History in North America
  • Social and Economic History
Department of History

Medieval Mediterranean History

  • History of Modern China
  • East Asian Studies
  • Global South
Department of History

Gender, sexuality, and women; British Empire and India; History of feminist movements

  • Global History
  • British Empire
  • South Asia
  • Indian early modern economic history
  • Capitalocene
Department of History

British North America; The British Atlantic World; Britishness and identity

  • 19th and 20th-century Canadian History
  • Gender, sexuality, and body history/theory 
Department of History

Canadian History; British History; Intellectual History

Alisha Rao
Department of History

Statecraft in Medieval Central Asia and India; Origins of the Mughal Empire; Religion and the State

  • Modern History of the Kurdish Societies in the Middle East
Amelia Rosch
Department of History

Early modern England; Gender history; Print culture

  • Canadian history
  • gender history
  • history of sex work
  • Ontario history
Department of History

Canadian History; Disability History; Archives

Department of History

20th century social history

  • Consumption
  • Material Culture
  • Famine, Food, Environment
  • Ukrainian and Soviet studies
  • 19th and 20th Century US
  • Intellectual History
  • Women’s and Gender History
  • Feminist Thought
  • Critical Race and Whiteness Studies 
Department of History

Imperial Russian History

  • Global History
  • British Imperial History
  • Nineteenth Century History
  • History of Slavery, Antislavery, and Abolitionism
Department of History
  • Canadian Migration History
  • Early 20th Century
Department of History
  • Global Jewish History
Department of History
  • Chinese environmental history
  • world history

Department of History, Queen's University

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Queen's University is situated on traditional Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe territory.