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Graduate Students

  • 20th Century Canadian Social History
  • Migration History
  • History of Gender and Sexuality
  • Canadian History: Immigration, External Relations, Political and Legal History
  • Global and Transnational Histories and comparative studies
  • Law and Justice
  • Indigenous Studies and First Nations History
  • Modern China
  • Overseas Chinese
  • East Asian Studies
Shannyn Bald

Kievan Rus’ and Muscovite social and religious history

  • Global History
  • Atlantic World
  • British World
  • Colonial North America
  • Material Culture
  • Medieval History and Languages
  • History of the peoples and societies of the medieval Mediterranean

Tudor and Stuart England, Atlantic World, Indigenous Histories, Early Modern Ireland, Imperial History, Legal History, Constitutionalism, Ecological History, History of Science, Cartography

  • Early North America
  • Global and Imperial History
  • Legal History
  • History of Cartography
  • Environmental History

Collective memory
Spatial history
Public memory
Political theory

  • Canadian History
  • International History
  • History of Science and Technology
Michaela Cardo

Dress history
Material culture
British history

  • Early Modern Europe
  • Witchcraft and Heresy Studies
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Women’s History
  • Gender History
  • Upper Canadian History
  • British World History
  • Colonial History
  • Capitalism and Business History
  • Newfoundland & Atlantic Canadian History
  • Spanish and Latin American Colonial History (with a focus on women and religion)

Byzantium, medieval Christianity, the Crusades and military religious orders, heresy and heterodoxy

  • History of Colonial North America
  • Intellectual History of Nova Scotia
  • British Atlantic World
  • History of Post-Confederation Canada
  • 20th Century United States
  • Race and Space
  • Colonial and cultural History of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Women's History
  • Postwar American History
  • Popular Music Criticism
  • New Left Political Movements
  • Second-Wave Feminism
  • American Youth Culture
Teaching Fellow
  • Canadian History
  • North American Cultural Networks
  • Mass Culture Industries + Popular Culture
  • Nationalism + Transnationalism
  • Gender and Family in the 20th Century
  • French Colonial History
  • Indigenous History in North America
  • Social and Economic History
  • History of Modern China
  • East Asian Studies
  • Global South

Gender, sexuality, and women
British Empire and India
History of feminist movements

  • Pre-Confederation Canada
  • Early Modern Europe
  • Ethnohistory of North American Indigenous Peoples
  • Global History
  • British Empire
  • South Asia
  • Indian early modern economic history
  • Capitalocene

British North America
The British Atlantic World
Britishness and identity

  • 19th and 20th-century Canadian History
  • Gender, sexuality, and body history/theory 

Canadian History
British History
Intellectual History

Alisha Rao

Historiography and Modernity 
Mediterranean History

  • Modern History of the Kurdish Societies in the Middle East
Amelia Rosch

Early modern England
Gender history
Print culture

  • Canadian history
  • gender history
  • history of sex work
  • Ontario history
  • Byzantine History
  • Crusades
  • Diaspora
  • Post-Colonial Studies
  • Consumption
  • Material Culture
  • Famine, Food, Environment
  • Ukrainian and Soviet studies
  • 19th and 20th Century US
  • Intellectual History
  • Women’s and Gender History
  • Feminist Thought
  • Critical Race and Whiteness Studies 
  • Global History
  • British Imperial History
  • Nineteenth Century History
  • History of Slavery, Antislavery, and Abolitionism
  • Visual History and Historical Memory
  • 20th Century Canadian Queer History
  • Canadian Migration History
  • Early 20th Century
  • Chinese environmental history
  • world history
  • Modern European Intellectual and Cultural History
  • Modern Europe

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Queen's University is situated on traditional Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe territory.