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Programs and Plans

Programs and Plans

At Queen’s the History Program includes Major, Joint Honours, Minor, and General plans. In each of these degree plans, students have the option to choose courses from a wide range of topics and themes and build up their interest in a chosen historical area or period. While students in the Major and Joint Honours plans undertake intensive training in historical research and writing skills, the Minor plan helps to widen the horizon of historical understanding by integrating a historical perspective with a different major discipline. The General plan enables students to pursue their historical interests in a three-year Bachelor of Arts degree option. See our History FAQs to learn more about choosing a History degree plan.  

The first-year courses are large lectures that introduce students to broad overviews on the intellectual origins of the modern West, issues of global historical processes, and critical glimpses of Canadian history. The seminar courses in the second and upper years provide in-depth training in historical methods, analytical thinking, and intensive writing skills.

Students in the Major and Joint Honours plans combine lecture courses and small seminar classes. Alongside taught courses, students have the option to undertake independent research courses as well as experience-based learning in a variety of internships. Students in the Minor and General plans choose from an array of lecture courses at all levels of their study.

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