Student Opportunities and Initiatives

The results of the Student Experiences Survey show that equity-deserving students are disproportionately impacted by issues such as harassment, discrimination, exclusion, and sexual violence.

The events and initiatives outlined here are created and facilitated with the goal of centering equity-deserving student experiences, providing opportunities for dialogue around topics outlined in the survey, and discussing next steps towards improving campus culture at Queen’s.

These events & initiatives are open to all students looking to be part of the shift towards a safer and more inclusive student experience for all.

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Ongoing Initiatives

The Shift Podcast is a platform for equity-deserving or underrepresented students to tell their stories. On this podcast, students will speak about their lived experiences at Queen’s, how these experiences are shaped by identity, their visions for a safer and more inclusive campus climate, and what needs to happen for there to be a meaningful and lasting culture shift.

Tune into wherever you get your podcast this April to learn about campus climate as it exists today, and what the future needs to hold for all students to feel safe and welcome at Queen’s.

The Sunday Supper Series, facilitated by the Division of Student Affairs, aims to encourage open dialogue in a safe space and address the experiences of students, specifically equity-deserving students, on Queen’s campus. The topics are informed by the results of the 2021 Student Experiences Survey. Each event features a free meal, music and meaningful conversation.

Upcoming Events & Initiatives

The upcoming Sunday Supper Series event's focus is: Creating a Culture of Consent at Queen’s.
The session is open to all current Queen’s students wishing to participate in a safe and welcoming dialogue about consent culture. 
After an introduction by the Student Inclusion & Engagement Coordinator, Consensual Humans Co-Chairs and Gender Based Violence Awareness and Bystander Intervention Facilitators will lead an open discussion alongside a consent-positive crafting session.
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Student Voices Week, taking place from March 27 to April 2, 2022, aims to amplify and celebrate equity-deserving student voices on campus through a range of events and initiatives run by student clubs, and university units & departments.

Student Voices Week is a great opportunity for students to showcase their advocacy work, learn about equity-focused initiatives at Queen's, and most importantly, engage in conversations about how to improve campus culture at Queen’s. 

This week is part of the ongoing student engagement efforts centered by the results of the Student Experiences Survey. All are welcome to take part.

Student Voices Week Calendar of Events

If you’d like to host an event or initiative, contact Taryn McKenna, Student Inclusion Engagement Coordinator at  

Past Events & Initiatives

The Sunday Supper Series aims to encourage open dialogue in a safe space and address the experiences of students, specifically equity deserving students, on Queen’s campus. The topics are informed by the results of the 2021 Student Experiences Survey. 

This event's focus was: Creating Safe & Affirming Spaces for Trans, Non-Binary & Two-Spirit Peers.

The session was open to all Queen’s students wishing to become better allies to their trans, non-binary and Two-Spirit peers or to anyone within the Queen’s community interested in learning more about this topic. 

After a brief overview of relevant Student Experiences Survey results, students shared their thoughts on a number of guiding questions in small groups. The remainder of the event was dedicated to a guest panel and Q&A period.

Guest panelists included, Nikaronhyaa, Dawn Martin, a Two-Spirit gender fluid community leader, teacher, learner and speaker of the Mohawk language, and Seed Keeper, and Dr. Elliot Chapple, the Director, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Indigenization for the faculty of Arts & Sciences at Queen's.

The central theme for the Student Feedback Session was: ‘What does a safe and inclusive campus look like to you?’

The Student Feedback Session provided a safe and inclusive space for an open dialogue on how to make Queen's safe and inclusive for all students.

The sessions featured a brief overview of Student Experiences Survey results, a series of guiding questions, and an opportunity for student reflection and a sharing of ideas for how to transform campus culture.

All students received an honorarium for their participation in this session.