Entry for Spouse and Children

Spousal Work Permit:

The spouse or common-law partner (either of the opposite or the same sex) of a non-Canadian academic visitor can apply for an "open" work permit if the academic visitor is authorized to work in Canada for six months or longer. The "open" work permit will allow the spouse to accept any job with any employer. The spouse's "open" work permit will be valid for the same period the academic visitor is authorized for.

Documents that will be required to establish the status of the accompanying family, in addition to travel documentation:

  • a marriage certificate and birth certificates for any accompanying family members, legal documentation of guardianship if applicable
  • for common-law relationships the form Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (PDF 2.2 MB), and the supporting evidence listed in it

For further details on this topic, check the "Frequently Asked Questions: Working temporarily in Canada" on the Citizenship and Immigration web site.


Kingston area school boards(elementary and secondary schools) generally do not require study permits for children, but the parent or guardian must provide the valid work permit at the time when the child is registered for school. Dependent children may also be issued a work permit if they qualify under Citizenship and Immigration regulations.