Pre-Travel: Preparing Your Stay

Pre-Travel Check List

  • Your passport and those of your family members, valid well past the date of your anticipated return; a minimum of 6 months is recommended. Leave a copy where you can easily access it in case of loss.

  • If you are eligible to apply at the port of entry, collect the documents required for your work permit. If you had to make your application at the Canadian visa post responsible for your country of residence, bring the correspondence you received in answer to your application.

  • Easy access to all names, phone numbers, postal and e-mail addresses of people and offices at home that you might need to contact.
    Tip: Set up a web based email account (Google mail or similar) and send yourself a copy of the list.

  • Money for start-up costs.

  • Check with your bank about the fastest way to move money to Kingston. A certified cheque is NOT a fast way - it can take up to 6 weeks to transfer the funds.

  • Bring the credit cards which you are planning to use. As a visitor, you will not have easy access to credit in Canada as you probably won't have a credit rating. An account at an international bank such as HSBC can be useful.

  • Have a physical, dental check, eye examination, and be sure to have your prescriptions filled so you don't run out immediately after arrival.

  • Review the Queen's information on health insurance and make this a priority as soon as you arrive.

  • Vaccination records for your children - required for school registration.