Investment Services

Investment Services

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Queen's University Investment Services

The Department of Investment Services manages the day-to-day investment activities for Queen's and is the university's contact with various investment managers who manage the assets of:

  • the Queen's Pension Plan (QPP)
  • the Pooled Endowment Fund (PEF)
  • the Pooled Investment Fund (PIF)
  • the Short-Term Fund (STF)
  • the Sinking Fund (SF)

At July 31, 2020, total assets under management amounted to approximately $4.3 billion:

  • $2,226 million (QPP)
  • $1,192 million (PEF)
  • $420 million (PIF)
  • $353 million (STF)
  • $129 million (SF)


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The responsibilities of the Department of Investment Services include:

  • working closely with the Investment Committee and Pension Committee on investment matters and implementing committee directives;
  • conducting ongoing due diligence on external investment managers;
  • conducting research on new investment opportunities;
  • measuring investment performance against objectives;
  • recommending changes in manager structure and investment policy when appropriate; and
  • foreign-exchange, derivatives, and debt management