Pooled Investment Fund

The Pooled Investment Fund consists of university equity, restricted expendable funds (research), general reserves, plant and building funds, and working capital. In contrast with the Short-Term Fund, balances in the Pooled Investment Fund are not required in the near term. As such, they are invested to maximize medium-term nominal returns subject to the risk tolerance determined by the Board of Trustees (as specified through the Strategic Policy Asset Mix). The capital of this fund is expendable (with some exceptions).

 PIF's Holdings at December 31, 2023 
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Queen's is committed to transparency in its investment activities. As such, we voluntarily disclose detailed holdings information for the Pooled Endowment Fund (PEF) and Pooled Investment Fund (PIF). When managing these funds, Queen's allocates the assets to a variety of external investment managers with a range of expertise. Queen's does not normally select individual securities internally. Depending on the circumstances, these external investment managers may be hired to manage assets directly in separate accounts, or in pooled fund structures. Where possible, individual holdings have been disclosed for both separate account and pooled fund investments.

If you have any questions regarding these disclosures, please contact Investment Services.