Debt Management Policy

The debt management policy outlines the general philosophy for use of debt by Queen’s University and introduces specific metrics used to assess overall debt capacity and debt affordability. As a guiding principle, Queen’s will manage debt on a long-term portfolio basis, similar to the management of its long-term investment assets. This total balance sheet management approach will be a critical component in helping the University, consistent with its risk tolerance, to maximize asset returns and achieve the lowest cost of borrowing when continuing to invest in the facilities of the University.

Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures (SIP&P) - Investment Funds (PDF 349 KB)

The Investment Committee has prepared this Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures with the objective of ensuring continued prudent and effective management of the following investment funds: Queen's Short-Term Fund, Queen's Pooled Endowment Fund, Queen's Pooled Investment Fund and Queen's Sinking Fund.

Responsible Investing Policy

The Board of Trustees recognizes that decisions about Responsible Investing take place within a community of diverse stakeholders including faculty, staff, students, alumni and retirees, and that each of these stakeholders has opportunities to participate in this process as outlined and defined in this policy and corresponding procedures.

Investment Related Signing Authority Policy (By-Law #4)

This By-Law details the following: authority to establish bank accounts, payment authority from university bank accounts, signing authority on investment related transactions, authority to borrow, authority to use the university seal and authority to sign contracts and approve invoices.