Welcome to the Quantum Nanophotonics Team

We are always ready to welcome motivated new researchers to our team, with positions frequently available at all levels, from undergraduate to graduate and postdoctoral. If you are excited by the idea of helping to understand fundamental quantum physics, or to develop the next generation of quantum photonic devices, please look through our website and consider applying. We offer a friendly team, state-of-the-art equipment, a chance to join our network of worldwide collaborators, and science and technology that pushes the boundaries of what is currently possible.


Every year, several undergraduates work in our lab. We always have several PHYS 590 thesis or ENPH 455 design positions open for those who know (or want to find out if) their passion is in quantum photonics or technologies. Past projects span the design or construction of quantum optical setups, design and simulation of nanophotonic structures, modelling nonlinear interactions of light and matter at the few photon level, and simulations of quantum circuits and neural networks. If you are interested in such a project, please contact Prof. Rotenberg during the winter semester, sending a transcript.

We are also happy to support Undergraduate Student Summer Research Fellowship applications of talented researchers who wish to join us for the summer. Note the Mar. 13 application deadline.


Our goal is to offer each graduate researcher an exciting project that explores new physics at the quantum limit. To do so, we create photonic arenas - microscale integrated circuits for light - in which we play and use to understand the fundamental ways in which light and matter interact, and which then we use to build new quantum devices. Projects are a blend of experimental and theoretical quantum optics, photonic engineering, and nanofabrication, but don't worry, each researcher is able to specialize in the area that calls to them. Consequently, we work as a close team, complementing each other's strengths, and in fact, we do so with researchers across Canada, the USA and Europe. At Queen's, we have strong collaborations with the Shastri Lab on the development of brain-inspired quantum photonic circuits, and with Hughes Group on the design of quantum photonic platforms and understanding of quantum light-matter interactions. If you are interested, we would love to hear and learn about you. Please contact Prof. Rotenberg, sending a short cover letter, CV, transcript and reference contacts.

For third year undergraduate students at Queen's, we have Accelerate Masters position open in May. Contact us about this unique opportunity, if you are interested in getting a head start into the world of nanoscale quantum photonics.

Funding is guaranteed for graduate studies at Queen's (MSc/PhD), but we support all group members in application for a variety of prestigious awards and fellowships which provide additional funds. For Canadians these include NSERC CGS-M (Masters), NSERC PGS-D (PhD), while all applicants can apply for OGS (both levels), Vector Institute Scholarship in AI (both levels) and the Vanier CGS (PhD).

For those applying Queen's, see the application process and important deadlines for the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy.

Postdoctoral Researchers

While we periodically have funded positions for postdoctoral researchers (listed below if any), we always welcome applications from graduates with experience in quantum photonics and other relevant fields. We are always happy to support fellowship applications of qualified candidates, for example to the NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship (Canadian citizens or permanent residences, deadline: October 17), Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship (open to all, deadling: April 21, 2022) and the Queen's Postdoctoral Fund (open to all, deadline: Feb 28, 2023). If interested, please send Prof. Rotenberg a short cover letter, CV and reference contacts.