About Michael Rauh and his lab members 

Photo of Michael Rauh with his dog in a forest

Welcome to the RauhLab! My name is Michael Rauh. I am a Clinician-Scientist (Attending Hematopathologist and Associate Professor) in the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine at Queen’s University, appointment in July 2011. Visit About the Lab Director for my biosketch.

Members of the RauhLab include professional research personnel, graduate and undergraduate thesis students, medical students and rotating physicians in training (see current and former members). With our complementary research skills and QMyPath infrastructure, we are working to improve the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of patients with myeloid cancers. We are also studying the genetic and immune origins of these cancers, called clonal hematopoiesis or "CHIP". (Of course, we do this while enjoying the historical and natural beauty of Kingston!)

I welcome you to explore our site.

Michael Rauh

Andrew Tong, undergraduate poster
Lab lunch: Iqra Mumal, Flora Shan, Brooke Snetsinger, Caroline Lin, Alyssa Cull
RauhLab research bay 1
Lab lunch: Michael and group
Flora Shan, undergraduate poster
Translational molecular biology at work