Current Lab Members

Amy McNaughtonDr. Amy McNaughton

Research Assistant (2019 - present)

Phone: (613) 533-6000, ext. 77601; Email: 

Amy completed an Honours BSc in Biology with a General BSc in Psychology, and minoring in chemistry from Wilfrid Laurier University.  She obtained her PhD in Plant Agriculture specializing in genetics, molecular biology, and biochemistry from the University of Guelph.  Amy joined Queen's University in 2014 in the Department of Psychiatry where she was part of a team researching the genetics basis of neurodevelopment disorders.  During her time there she became an expert in Next Generation Sequencing, sequencing whole exome, whole methylome, targeted gene panels, and 16S microbiome community.

 LinkedIn: Amy McNaughton                            Google Scholar: Amy McNaughton


Marco Buttigieg Marco Buttigieg

  MSc Candidate (May 2023 - present)

*Frederick Banting & Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarships Awardee (CGS-M)*

Marco obtained his Honours BHSc from Queen's University.  His MSc focusses on clonal hematopoiesis and it's influence on solid cancers.



Alexandra McDonaldAlexandra McDonald

 MSc Candidate (September 2023 - Present)

 *co-supervised by Dr. Susan Crocker*

 Alex obtained Honours BSc in Cognitive Neuroscience from Carleton University.  Her MSc focusses on CHIP and Alzheimer's Disease.



Casey WongCasey Wong

 MD/PhD Candidate (September 2023 - Present)

Casey completed an Honours BSc in Translational and Molecular Medicine and an MSc in Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Ottawa. Throughout these degrees, she has had the privilege of working in diverse areas of research including computational protein structure and function, metabolism, immunometabolism, immunology, and regenerative medicine. Her MD/PhD focuses on CHIP and the host immune response in cancer and infectious disease.


Laura SemenukLaura Semenuk

 MSc Candidate (September 2023 - Present)

 *co-supervised by Dr. Graeme Quest*

 Laura holds a BSc and is an MLT at Kingston Health Sciences Centre. Her research focuses on the molecular profiling of hematological malignancies, with an aim to uncover novel drivers, and discover prognostic biomarkers by exploring the technical benefits and limitations of assessing DNA vs RNA, especially as it relates to the circulation of tumour content within the patient. Additionally, this work aims to propel the development of technical standards for the interpretation of somatic variants, laying the foundation for clinical frameworks.

Undergraduate Students (Queen's University):

Vraj Patel, 3rd year, Health Sciences

Caitlin Lee, 3rd year, Health Sciences