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Health Services and Policy Research Institute

Health Services and Policy Research Institute

The Health Services and Policy Research Institute (HSPRI) strives to understand and contribute to the rapidly developing fields of health services research, health program evaluation, and health policy analysis.

Housed within the Faculty of Health Sciences, HSPRI maintains close ties to the Department of Public Health Sciences, School of Policy Studies, School of Rehabilitation Therapy, Faculty of Law, and many other departments at Queen's.

Research at HSPRI is organized into three broad themes: primary health care delivery, supporting Canada’s vulnerable populations, and capacity building in health services. Within these categories, HSPRI researchers are engaged in research on a range of subjects that are current priorities for Ontario’s health care system. These include primary care, Indigenous people’s health, disability policy, delivery of care for people with disabilities, mental health services research, chronic disease management, and public health.

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By design, its research programs promote collaboration between HSPRI and other research units at Queen’s and across the country. An integrated knowledge transfer approach routinely relies on engaging key decision makers at all stages of a program of research, and is the hallmark of a HSPRI project.

Recent years have seen the HSPRI exploring new opportunities in international collaborations and the Institute looks forward to fostering and facilitating such collaborations in the years ahead.