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Christopher Booth

Christopher Booth

Evaluating treatments and outcomes for Canadians with cancer: this research provides insight into how the quality of cancer care can be improved, and whether patients in Canada are achieving the best possible outcomes. 

[Dr. Christopher Booth]
Canada Research Chair in Population Cancer Care
Tier 2

Achieving Better Outcomes for Patients with Cancer

The results of clinical trials give us a sense of what is possible when it comes to new cancer treatments. But, there are many uncertainties around how these new treatments are being used, and how outcomes for patients compare with the results from clinical trials. Dr. Christopher Booth, Canada Research Chair in Population Cancer Care, wants to improve both cancer care and outcomes for Canadians by addressing these questions.

Booth’s research unit has a unique database that contains information about the diagnoses, treatments, and outcomes for all patients with cancer in Ontario. These data help his team address fundamental questions about cancer care in Canada, such as: Are patients with cancer receiving the most-recommended treatments? Are they receiving different forms of treatment across Ontario and Canada? Do new treatments lead to better outcomes? Do treatments cause serious or unexpected side-effects? Are patients receiving high-quality care, and are there areas that can be improved?

Booth’s research team hopes to provide information about whether doctors are following established guidelines for managing cancer, and whether the benefits of new treatments established in clinical trials are being realized in the general population. The research will also identify how care and outcomes can be improved in the future.