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Laura Thomson

Laura Thomson

Investigating how glaciers change and their impact in the Arctic: this research will develop models to estimate glacier run-off and predict sea-level rise and altered landscapes.

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Canada Research Chair in Integrated Glacier Monitoring Practices
Tier 2

Glacial Impact

Canada is home to the largest area of glaciers outside of Greenland and Antarctica. These areas are also leading contributors to rising sea levels as the Arctic warms. As the pace of warming accelerates, we need to improve our ability to anticipate glacier changes quickly.

Dr. Laura Thomson, Canada Research Chair in Integrated Glacier Monitoring Practices, is working to determine the processes that control the total volume and chemistry of glacier run-off. She and her research team are developing models that provide rapid estimates of glacier run-off in regions that have been unobserved until now. In addition to helping to predict future sea-level rise, Thomson’s research will reveal how glacier changes are altering Arctic landscapes, watersheds, and ecosystems.