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Queen's Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy

Queen's Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy

Part of the School of Policy Studies, Queen's Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy (QIEEP) provides experience in policy regarding energy and the environment. The issues QIEEP deals with are complex, and gathering the facts and helping people and governments understand them is difficult. By encouraging multidisciplinary research on present and future energy needs, the Institute develops pragmatic advice on energy and environmental policy that is relevant to the public and to all levels of government.

In the ten years since its inception, QIEEP has chalked up a number of accomplishments: QIEEP tracked and aided Ontario’s transition from being heavily reliant on electricity from coal to a province that leads the country in generation alternatives. QIEEP has also played a role in improving the understanding of energy and environmental vulnerabilities in Canada’s Northern and Arctic communities face; examined the evolution of social license in the implementation of renewable energy policy and the rollout of alternative energy technologies; traced the emergence of water resources as an organizing principle of social opportunity, and locally encouraged a new emphasis on conservation and municipal economic development based on alternative and distributed generation.

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QIEEP researchers regularly engage with federal and provincial government agencies and with communities, including Kingston, to work on issues involving energy and the environment.