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Ying Zou

Ying Zou

Providing techniques and tools to improve the quality of service oriented architecture applications for the Internet: this research will ensure the reliable and cost-effective delivery of web services for large numbers of users with rapidly changing requirements.

[Dr. Ying Zou]
Canada Research Chair in Software Evolution
Tier 1

Reliable and Cost-effective Web Services

Web services deliver a wide variety of applications, ranging from online banking to e-commerce (such as eBay and Amazon) to social networks (such as Facebook).

No single web service can fulfill all the functionality required by users. Instead, services are composed of multiple basic services using service oriented architecture (SOA) applications. These SOA applications tend to have large and varied user bases that range from individual users to large corporations. When SOA applications fail, the repercussions are huge, with major impacts on our daily lives and on the success of companies that use them.

Dr. Ying Zou, Canada Research Chair in Software Evolution, is contributing to the improvement of SOA applications by ensuring that they remain healthy, agile, and reliable in the face of huge and growing numbers of users and rapidly changing requirements. She is focusing on SOA application development and quality improvement to cope with the very large user bases of SOA applications.

Zou’s research will lead to substantial improvements in the quality, cost-effective development, and evolution of reliable software engineering practices. It will also provide guidance, tools, and approaches for developing and improving high quality software systems.