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Centre for Advanced Computing

Centre for Advanced Computing

The Centre for Advanced Computing (CAC) at Queen's University supports the research community by providing access to innovative digital research infrastructure (DRI) tools, skills, and services, such as world-class, high availability, high-performance, and highly secure computing. The Centre’s commitment to security is highlighted through their conformity to national security standards and offers clients one of the most secure academic research environments in Canada. The CAC complies with a variety of frameworks and standards including Queen's, University, ISO 27002, and PHIPA. The Centre is proud to provide 99.997% availability over the last 14 years.

Additionally, the CAC offers professional-quality software design and development for data analytics, cognitive computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. The Centre serves as a collaborative resource for cognitive and data-intensive research and application development with clients from academia, clinical, not-for-profit, and industry sectors to deliver successful solutions that help solve real-world challenges.

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The CAC delivers world-class, high availability, high performance, and highly secure computing, supporting hundreds of Canadian research groups, comprising thousands of researchers working in a variety of fields. Notable research groups that the CAC has forged strong relationships with include the Ontario Brain Institute, the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network, and SNOLAB.

Through its Cognitive Development Hub, the centre has opportunities for 16-month internships for undergraduate students recruited through the Queen’s University Internship Program (QUIP).