About RAQ

RAQ was launched in April 2002, with more than 175 retirees attending the inaugural meeting. RAQ’s mission in the words of founding RAQ President John Meisel was "to undertake interesting and pleasant activities catering to a variety of tastes, to keep a watchful eye on the developments affecting our physical and mental well-being, and to facilitate the social ties we forged while we were working together."

Then as now, RAQ kept in touch with members by publishing a Newsletter.  Activities include Art Centre events, guided tours of new buildings, outings at the Opinicon Biological Station, and special lectures and visiting speakers.  As we look forward to an expanding membership, we pay tribute to the founding members of RAQ and hope to build on their legacy.

Founding Council Members

  • Pat Bogstad, John Meisel, Alison Morgan, Dee Padfield, Stuart Vanderwater, Ron Watts, Bill Wright and Joyce Zakos

RAQ Presidents

  • John Meisel (Founding and Honorary President), Joyce Zakos, Arlene Aish, George Brandie, Henry Dinsdale, Patrick Oosthuizen, Eleanor Rogers and Diane Kelly

RAQ is run for Queen's retirees by volunteer Queen's retirees.  If you would like to help with tasks such as organizing events, preparing the newsletter, participating in the RAQ Council, etc., contact us at raq@queensu.ca or 613-533-6986