Welcome to RAQ!

We are so happy you are here! (And congratulations on your retirement!)

The Retirees Association of Queen's (RAQ) strongly promotes the interests of retired faculty and staff - including vigorous advocacy for many retiree benefits.

RAQ offers an ever-growing array of programs, learning opportunities, deals and discounts and connects you with fellow Queen's retirees.

RAQ is a member of CURAC/ARUCC (College and University Retiree Associations of Canada/Associations de retraités des universités et collèges du Canada).  RAQ Members have access to a wide variety of discounts through CURAC (on items such as home, health and travel insurance).

Membership to RAQ is free, but not automatic.  Please complete our membership application and send it to RAQ by email (raq@queensu.ca) or Canada Post.  We will enroll you, and you will be sent your official Retiree Card that will allow you to access retiree benefits.