Strategic Planning Group Final Report to Membership: April 2021

This section includes a brief statement of the recommendations made to and accepted by RAQ Council.  The body of the report includes a digest of the evidence considered by the Planning Group in formulating the recommendations.

Some of the principal factors influencing our recommendations were: the change in RAQ membership from predominantly male academic staff members to an increasing proportion of non-academic staff members, primarily female; the substantial number of RAQ members who live sufficiently far from Kingston to preclude their participation in Kingston-based activities; the need to support activities important to the membership.

Final Report of Strategic Planning Group to Membership. Apr 21.docx

Strategic Planning Announcement September 2020

We are pleased to announce that at its September 22nd meeting, the RAQ Council approved the following terms of reference for the strategic planning initiative:

“Within the scope of the Mission and Objectives of the Association, with due concern for the budgetary implications, and in broad consultation with the membership to: (1) Review and evaluate past initiatives; (2) Review activities of comparable organisations; (3) Recommend future initiatives.”

Council member Alistair MacLean chaired the Strategic Planning Group and other members were: John Holmes, Doug Boyd and Diane Kelly.

Results of the Strategic Planning Questionnaire

The following two documents are the results and summaries of the RAQ Questionnaire that some of our members participated in.  

Summary of Questionnaire responses

Digest of Questionnaire results