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RAQ Newsletter - October 2018

October 2018     Vol 17     No 1


President’s Report

For those of us associated with academic institutions, autumn often brings a fresh measure of energy and inspiration.  It’s a time for fresh starts. This is certainly the case with RAQ, as the various reports in this newsletter show.

You will already have noticed the updated format of the newspaper, especially the ease with which you can choose articles to read in an electronic format.  Comments about the change are welcome.

This season’s focus is on membership, developing ways to reach out to recent retirees and encouraging ongoing members to renew early.  New members will be honoured at the Fall Reception, November 21, where Dr. Tom Harris, the interim provost and VP Academic, to whom we report, will give us his vision of the future of Queen’s.   

In the events section of this newsletter, you’ll find information about the term’s opportunities to hear interesting and informative speakers. Please plan to join us for both the upcoming Monday Morning Forum talks  and the Lunchtime Guest Series talks.

New council officers have taken on their responsibilities with vigor and vision.  Donna Lounsbury, our new membership chairperson, is eager to hear your suggestions or concerns and acts promptly to resolve issues important to Queen’s retirees.  Bill Forbes, our new treasurer, must deal with greatly changed financial policies at Queen’s.  Cheryl Descent is our new office administrator, and provides wonderful support to our members and RAQ council.

This is the time the RAQ council begins to plan for next year’s slate of officers.  The makeup of the nominating committee and the nominating process is under review, and we hope to have a slate of new council members for your consideration long before the 2019 AGM.  If you’d like to be more involved in RAQ’s activities or know someone you feel would be an asset, please contact us.  

RAQ has always had an advocacy role for retirees, and that role has intensified in the last months.  Our Pensions and Benefits committee watches pension negotiations carefully and gives as much input as possible to discussions about benefits.  Retiree staff cards and ongoing access to Queen’s email services are two issues whose resolution we’re pursuing energetically.

We’re grateful, as always, to the Provost’s office, a RAQ partner from the beginning, for its ongoing support.  I look forward to participating with you in this year’s activities.

           Eleanor Rogers, RAQ president


Are you a Queen’s Retiree with a retirement question or concern?  RAQ is here to help!  Contact RAQ at  613-533-6986, or