2013-14 Science Graduate Council Membership

Department Name
Biology Wayne Snedden
Chemistry Nick Mosey
Computing James Stewart
Environmental Studies Heather Jamieson
Geology Georgia Fotopoulos

Neal Scott

Health & Kinesiology Lucie Levesque
Math & Stats James Mingo
Physics Stéphane Courteau
Psychology Kevin Munhall

Hayley Roberts (Masters student - Biology)

Mitchell Anderson (Doctoral student - Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy)

Committee Chair
Sharon Regan (BIOL)
Committee Co-ChairHeather Jamieson (ENVS)
Representation from the Graduate SchoolKim McAuley, Associate Dean
Monica Corbett, Director, Admissions and Student Services
Representation from the Faculty of Arts and ScienceCathie Krull, Associate Dean
Diane Reid, Recording Secretary