Part 2. Options

Option courses are those for which the student has a fairly free choice from a broad range of courses.  For example, any HIST course at the 300-level.  Option courses are usually listed by increasing year level, or grouped by a particular theme or subject.  Students usually have some flexibility when choosing their options – they can skip ahead to a higher year level (assuming they hold the right prerequisites!) or delay taking a lower year level option to later years.  Nonetheless, students should review their option requirements closely and plan their course selections accordingly. Please note, first year students are given priority for first year courses.

In some Plans, there are Option Lists:  sets of options, only one of which is required in order to complete the Plan.  In the Advisor, all possible Option Lists are indicated by title.  If a course fulfills the requirements of more than one Option List, it will appear in both.  Once all the requirements of one Option List are fulfilled, all the remaining Option Lists disappear from the Advisement Report.