Warning: Maximum Limits Exceeded (Programs)

This sort of warning does not usually occur unless a student transferred from another Faculty or School to Arts and Science, or holds a large number of transfer credits from other institutions (TR on the transcript).

This warning applies to students who have completed more courses of a specified type than are permitted in their Arts and Science program. Some of the maximums set are: 24.0 units in COMM; 24.0 units in ARTF (except for BFA students); and varying numbers of courses with TR grades (transfer credit), depending on the Program. See Academic Regulation 16 for specifics regarding transfer credits.  Although the warning draws attention to the fact that the maximum has been surpasssed, it does not exclude the extra courses from being used to satisfy the total unit count. Since the extra courses will still be counted in your Program unit count it is your responsibility to review your record and take extra electives to make up the deficiency.  You may also wish to seek academic advice from your department or Student Services.

Note that this warning appears even if you have already completed additional courses to make up the deficiency.  In this case, if you identify which of the courses in excess of the maximum you do not intend to use in your program they can be excluded by student exception and the warning can be removed.